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A Tale of Two Houses: Haifa before and after 1948 | Mahmoud Yazbak

A Tale of Two Houses: Haifa Before and After 1948 by Prof. Mahmoud Yazbak

Public lecture held as part of the Joint Insight Series, Perspectives on the Modern and Contemporary Arab World

A great deal of history has been written on the crisis and mass expulsion of Palestinians after 1948. In this lecture, by focusing on the stories of two Palestinian families and their homes in Haifa before and after 1948, Yazbak adds a welcome human face to these histories.

Mahmoud Yazbak is Professor of Palestinian History, Head of the Department of Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa. His research interests focus on Palestinian social history and modern society. He served as the Chair of Adalah (2008-2011) and headed MEISAI (Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Association in Israel, 2008-2011). His publications include Haifa in the Late Ottoman Period, A Muslim Town in Transition, 1864–1914 (Brill, 1998)and Haifa Before & After 1948 - Narratives of a Mixed City (Republic of Letters, 2011).