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The Way Friday Sermons Shape Worshippers’ Opinions in Jordan

Joint IFPO/CBRL Insight Series

Perspectives on the Modern and Contemporary Arab World presents a public lecture by Philip Madanat entitled,

'The way Friday sermons shape worshippers’ opinions in Jordan

Madanat explores the hypothesis that public opinion in Jordan is affected by religious speech articulated at mosques. This pre-disposed context is further reinforced by the media. Both minbar and media set the agenda and pre-shape the salience of issues in Friday sermons. The mosque preacher functions as a ‘social broker’ who is tied up to the audience’s expectations. At the same time, the state uses relevant regulations to contest political players, in particular Islamic movements, which attempt to use the religious space to impact the public sphere and ultimately contest the state in shaping the political sphere.


Philip Madanat is a researcher in political sociology (Ph.D. candidate at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain) and a consultant in media development. As an activist, he initiates diaconia, facilitates negotiations in conflict zones and creates awareness among several fundamentalist groups in Jordan and the region.