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The Neolithic Heritage Trail

Prof Bill Finlayson describes the management of Neolithic sites from Cyprus to China, and how this could inform the development of Neolithic tourism within Jordan. A Neolithic Heritage Trail, starting in Wadi Feynan going up through the Nimla road until reaching Beidha, and then Basta, which would work with the local people, as well as the existing tourism infrastructure, is proposed.

Prof Bill Finlayson is CBRL Director and an archaeologist, a specialist in the Neolithic, with over 20 years experience of conducting research and directing excavations in Jordan.

This lecture was delivered as part of a workshop held at the CBRL British Institute in Amman that brought together the local communities from the villages of Basta and Beidha in order to discuss with them their Neolithic heritage, as well as the findings of the Deep Past as a Social Asset in the Levant (DEEPSAL)research project.